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July 21, 2010
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Cat Fight by Lutherniel Cat Fight by Lutherniel

Good god that took a fucking long time. Did it while juggling alot of stuff. Sadly boobs ain't one of those stuff.

Anyways here it is. Sister of Battle vs Eldar Howling Banshee. Hope y'all like it.
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I must say I'm impressed with this particular work as compared to the others, not saying they're bad either. First, with a light criticism, the bolt pistol looks rather stubby/chunky but I assume it was difficult to do regardless. Second, the background is a wee dull to display any sort of emotion or thrill of fighting.

What I liked the most were the shading and lighting effects of both the Banshee and Sororitas, how both work off each other and the overall gray background. While their facial features don't really scream the intensity of combat, the armors and colors make up for it. They're form-fitting and intricately designed as GW would do them. Last, and albeit a little off, the hair displays of the Banshee and Sororitas look nigh flawless, with some vibrancy to the strokes.

Beauties, the both of 'em.
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My bets are for the banshee her sword is not glowing, meaning she is not fully upgrade, but a bhansee even not upgreaded, must not have problem aginst a sister of battle, thanks a million for sharing
The banshees sword isn't glowing. I think its supposed to.
I like it lots :)
Never bring a knife to a gun fight.

Unless it's war hammer and those knives are actually chainsaw-swords.
Lutherniel Oct 16, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
or power weapon
But still.
People, we're talking about a powersword here - even in 6th edition it cuts through Sister Armor like butter. Given the picture's lack of spatial 3D, it can be assumed that the blade is right above the sister's shoulder. With the Eldar agility, the blade will cut through the Sororita's shoulder and sever it clean off before the shot is fired (and gameplay wise the shot would still be AP5 anyway). With her right arm gone, the sister is defenceless as her other arm is bare handed. She will be sliced up good by the Banshee and left to bleed to death similar to the armless Black Knight in Monty Python.
Given the SoB's mentality, she'll probably take the Banshee down with her by ripping the Eldar's throat out with her teeth.  Like Colonel "I eat Baneblades for breakfast" Straken did to that landshark.  Besides, you don't know if the Eldar has her power sword in the right position for that.  From the looks of things, the Banshee is doomed.  On the other hand, Eldar prescience would probably be enough for her to, not survive, but quickly change the direction of her left hand to at least take the sister down with her.  I know that when someone is killed they don't give some "trigger death pull" spasm or something, they relax.  Doesn't matter here since the sword's momentum would still keep it going, as it's powered the force of the blow is mostly irrelevant.

Still, that is only if the Banshee adjusts her swing, from what can be determined from this image.

 Okay... the Sister of Battle has a bolter aimed, point blank, at the Banshee's chest, in a lethal spot. Her finger is on the trigger. The bolter fires, if I recall correctly, brutal penetrating shells that explode on entrance into a body. One pull of the trigger and the bolter round goes flying.


 Banshee. Has a pair of swords, very nice and likely incredibly deadly swords but still swords. Her right hand is being held back by the Sister, and while the Eldar tend to be faster I don't think them being physically stronger is a part of the lore. Due to the grip, the Sister will be able to keep that hand at bay, for at least long enough to pull the trigger. The question then is the left hand, and the sword it's gripping. While the hand is free, the weapon angle is in a bad place, more likely to hit the pauldron than the gun or arm, much less any vital spots.


 The banshee will have to twist her wrist to be able to bring the blade down to strike a significant area that will allow her to continue melee combat or insta-kill the Sister. The Sister has her finger on the trigger and one of the most brutal weapons in the Imperial arsenal point-blank against the Banshee's armor. And that's just assuming one shot as opposed to multiple. Conclusion, the shot is going to hit the Banshee. The Banshee's armor is the saving grace that would let her win. If the shot pierces the armor into her body, then she's dead.

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